Sports App, 2014

A prototype application experimenting the future of watching live sports for millennials, by millennials.

Areas: UX Design, App Development, Data Visualization

Client: ESPN / NYC Media Lab

As part of a team of designers and developers, we were hired through ESPN and NYC Media Lab to prototype a new product or experience for ESPN. They had few constraints and a few key goals: serve the 18-35 audience, create more engagement with their website, make it exciting.

From this we researched current trends and their current web and app services, interviewed and shadowed the target audience, and designed and developed a functional prototype. ESPN Next is that prototype and provides a new all-in-one interactive experience for engaging with a live sports broadcast.

We tried to think about possibilities that may have been just beyond what was technically possible for ESPN at that time, but not too far beyond. The project ultimately served to provide a considered glimpse of “what’s next” for ESPN.

Nicholas Fortugno/ Project Lead
Alec Dawson / Strategy, UX
Crystal Tong / Data Visualization, UX, Web Development
Enrica Beccalli / Graphic Design
Gabor Tankovics / App Development, Data Visualization, UX
Gabriel Gianordoli / Data Visualization, Graphic Design, UX
Gabrielle Patacsil / Graphic Design, Strategy
Madhav Tanka / App Development, UX, Visual Design
Sean O’Connor / Data Visualization, Graphic Design