Chrome Extension, 2014

A Chrome extension that transforms every money value in your browser into your custom-tailored time value.

Areas: Concept + Strategy, Web Development

Tech: JavaScript

With MoneyTime installed, instead of displaying the price of an object, your browser will show how much time the object is worth to you. It asks the question “Would I spend this amount of my time for this object?”
You simply install the MoneyTime browser extension and answer a series of six questions. This helps you estimate how much money each hour is worth to you. Then, MoneyTime replaces any monetary value that appears in your browser with your personal time-equivalence, so that you can make informed decisions about how to spend that time.

MoneyTime lets you have a fresh look at the value of objects you encounter on an everyday basis. It allows you to think actively about your own appreciation of money and time.

Developed in collaboration with Gabriel Gianordoli /