New World Symphony

Music/Multimedia, 2015

A multimedia project, in collaboration with the Miami New World Symphony, designed to illustrate the physical and aural dynamics of live performance through HD imagery and music-generated multimedia effects.

Roles: Project Management, Software Development

Tech: OpenFrameworks, FFT, MaxMSP, Processing, VDMX, Adobe Premiere

Client: New World Symphony

Presented as part of a concert at New World Center in Miami Beach on Sunday, March 29th 2015, the projections illustrated two pieces:
An Idyll for the Misbegotten by George Crumb
Hollywood Carnival by Carlos Surinach
The project uses FFT to capture and analyze live sound and OpenFrameworks to visualize the music. Our innovative approach illustrates the physical requirements of performance, while visually expressing and supporting the music.

This project was a collaboration between:
New World Symphony /
Center for Transformative Media /